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Step-by-step instructions for running Node.js in production with systemd

Distributed Web: host your website with IPFS clusters, Cloudflare, and DevOps

Static website development for the "Web 3.0", and optional CI/CD with Azure DevOps

How to use s3cmd and any other Amazon S3-compatible app with Azure Blob Storage

A world of apps and tools finally working with Azure Storage, in just 5 minutes!

Solving FreeNAS jails on a dedicated NIC

A simple, working solution for jails in different VLANs, or just with dedicated IPs

Getting started with ZFS on FreeBSD on Azure

Enterprise-class storage for your data disks, with optional encryption

Adding a NuGet package source on macOS and Linux

How to unblock MyGet and other custom feeds

Stop SSH brute force attempts

Three effective tips to stop bots that won't harm you in the process

What I learnt from using WD Red disks to build a home NAS

Some important tips to make your drives last longer — and how to spin them down automatically on Linux

Automation for MariaDB/Galera Cluster setup (Part 2)

Scripts and templates for easy deployments on Azure and other clouds

Galera cluster, MariaDB, CoreOS and Docker (Part 1)

Get your multi-master, MySQL-like cluster, pain free