What I learnt from using WD Red disks to build a home NAS

Some important tips to make your drives last longer — and how to spin them down automatically on Linux

Publishing dateJuly 15, 2016

Automation for MariaDB/Galera Cluster setup (Part 2)

Scripts and templates for easy deployments on Azure and other clouds

Publishing dateMay 12, 2016

Galera cluster, MariaDB, CoreOS and Docker (Part 1)

Get your multi-master, MySQL-like cluster, pain free

Publishing dateMarch 9, 2016

Create a RHEL 6 image for Microsoft Azure

Step-by-step instructions, using VirtualBox

Publishing dateJanuary 9, 2016

Preparing a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 image for Azure using VirtualBox

A step-by-step guide

Publishing dateDecember 22, 2015